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27 June 2022
Is there a word count requirement for SCI papers?

Generally speaking, SCI journals have higher requirements for papers, and there will be some requirements and restrictions on the number of words. As long as the number of words in a SCI paper is within a reasonable range, the journal will not have mysterious problems, but if the number of words in the paper is too small, It is easy to encounter rejections. What are the requirements for the number of words in sci papers? Let's talk about it with you.

The writing of academic papers generally has word count requirements and restrictions, but the word count issue is a relatively flexible issue after all. The word count requirement is often a reasonable range. As long as the word count is within a reasonable range, there is generally no problem. Compared with too many words, it is easier to reject the manuscript if the word count is too small. If the article does not meet the basic word count requirements of the journal, the article is large The probability is that there is no particularly valuable content, and it does not meet the requirements of the journal.

Therefore, sci papers are generally not rejected due to too many words. As long as the article has high scientific research value, it can be accepted and published. If the number of words is too large, it can be deleted according to the requirements of the magazine. Reasons for rejection of sci papers Most of them are because of the academic value, scientific research value and innovation of the article itself, and some basic writing problems are also easy to reject, such as the author's writing skills and language organization skills are not up to standard, the most common reason for rejection is the innovation of the article. Insufficient or weak academic influence such reasons.

There are also some subjective reasons for rejection in sci journals. For example, there are too many manuscripts in the reviewing editor's hand so that there is no suitable editor to take over the article, or there have been too many articles in the same research direction recently, and the journal does not plan to accept similar articles. , the editor will directly reject the manuscript, even if the quality of the article is very good, sometimes the reviewer will reject the manuscript due to his lack of professionalism in some professional fields. These reasons have nothing to do with the author or the article, but also Common reasons for rejection.

Therefore, authors of SCI papers do not need to worry too much about the number of words. Generally, after reviewing the manuscript and the author's revision, the number of words is easy to meet the standard. The author should focus on the writing and innovation of the paper itself.

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