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27 June 2022
What's the matter with the unsuccessful sci retrieval paper?

We have finally completed the sci paper. We naturally want the paper to be retrieved and included, but some authors find that their papers have been submitted for inclusion, but they are unsuccessful and cannot be retrieved when they are retrieved. What's going on? Woolen cloth? Let's take a look at my sharing.

The ultimate criterion for checking academic papers is that the article is indexed by database retrieval. Whether it is accepted or published, it is not the final inspection standard. It is only the index that is indexed. It has never been included in the corresponding database search, the reason may be in the article itself, or it may be the reason of the journal.

Let’s talk about journals first. When we choose journals to publish academic papers, we will choose journals that are included in database retrieval. When the journals we choose are not journals that are included in database retrieval, the papers published in such journals will naturally not be included in database retrieval. Retrieval, so the retrieval of publications will determine the retrieval of published papers. When selecting journals, we must ensure that the journal is a journal that is stably retrieved by the database. When it comes to stability, if the journal is a newly retrieved journal in the past year or two , the stability may be slightly weaker. In comparison, those publications that have been retrieved and included all year round have higher stability and are more conducive to the retrieval of articles.

Let’s talk about the article itself. Many articles in database retrieval are based on the principle of selection. The database will give priority to those high-quality articles. If it is abstract retrieval, it will give priority to those articles with high abstract quality, so the quality and writing level of the article will be directly related to the retrieval of articles.

Another issue related to retrieval is the time issue. It takes a certain amount of time to retrieve articles from databases. Generally speaking, it takes at least 1-3 months. If the journals are retrieved from well-known foreign databases, the time may be longer. Our article has not been included in the retrieval, and it is also necessary to consider whether the article is still within the retrieval period. If it is still within a reasonable period, the author can wait patiently.

There may be many reasons for not being retrieved. What the author can do is to grasp the writing level of the article and the selection of journals.

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