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Assist you in all time-consuming steps and accelerate your publication journey
Receive suggestions from experts to lead you through all steps of publication
Save time and effort
Remove all administrative obstacles on your way of publication
What are available in our Publishing Assistance pack?
Peer Review
Our peer review service matches your paper with experts in your specific field of study who will provide a reviewer report and constructive feedback to maximize your chance of publication.
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Journal Recommendation
AiS will match your manuscript with experienced peer reviewers to provide professional comments and recommend 3-5 journals on which your manuscript has the highest chance of acceptance.
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Plagiarism check and similarity reduction
Our plagiarism check, powered by iThenticate, will accurately analyze your paper for plagiarized content; and our similarity reduction service will help authors having trouble in meeting the similarity rate required by the target journal.
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Proofreading & Formatting
Before submitting your manuscript to your target journal, a brief proofreading and formatting as per the journal’s requirements are necessary. Our Proofreading & Formatting pack will save you much time and energy in addressing these issues.
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Why selecting AiS for publishing
VIP-level customized assistance to accelerate your
publication journey
Our wide network of experts from AiScholar Global provides professional guidance to
remove all possible stumbling stones on your way of publication.
Teams of partner
researchers with AiS
A long-term publishing partner with over 1000 research groups across the globe, AiS has received more than 95% customer satisfaction. Our professional team of editors will empower you to address all challenges in publication and maximize your chance of acceptance.
Frequently Asked Questions

If my information and manuscript secure with AiS Editing?

AiS Editing follows the ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001) information security standards. All our editors and project managers respect the confidential nature of our clients’ documents and have signed non-disclosure agreements to ensure that our clients’ information 100% secure.

What service should I choose for my paper?

It depends on your needs. Our Advanced and Premium packs are for authors aiming at international journals, and most authors select our Standard packs for publication on conference proceedings. You can consult the webpages of the service packs to see which best suits your needs, or you can also send a mail to and ask our editors to recommend a service that best meets your requirements.

What if I want to get my revised paper sooner?

We offer expedited delivery to meet tight deadlines. If you need to get your document earlier than the normal date of return (at a speed of 1000 words/day), you can select “expedited delivery” when submitting your manuscript and specify the date you expect for delivery.

Can you edit LaTex files?

Yes, AiS can edit LaTex files. The revised manuscript will be returned to our client in the LaTex format and there will be a word file containing the editor’s comments for our authors to address if the Advanced or Premium pack is selected.

Are the conditions for post-sales re-editing the same for all service packs?

No. The conditions vary as the service pack differs. For the Standard packs, a 5% revision is covered for re-editing within 90 days; for Advanced packs, a 10% revision is covered for re-editing within 180 days; and for Premium packs, a 15% revision is covered for re-editing within 365 days.

Will my paper edited by AiS be published on my target journal?

AiS can improve the language of your manuscript, and ensure that your manuscript will not be rejected for language or grammar issues. Nonetheless, whether your manuscript can be accepted depends on the judgement of many aspects by the journal editors.

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