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08 July 2022
Five questions and answers will help you understand journal paper submissions

  For the authors who want to contribute to the journal for the first time, the contribution process of the journal paper is particularly puzzling. This issue of the Editor takes you to know the contribution of the journal paper in the form of questions and answers.

  1. How to contribute to academic journals

  A: find your favorite academic journals, write articles and send them to the designated mailbox.

  2. Can mobile phones contribute to academic journals

  A: Yes, but it's inconvenient, because you need to download a mailbox app for mobile submission, and you can use the mailbox function after logging in after registration. Xiaobian recommends using a computer, because even if you send email with your mobile phone, you still need to edit word documents, and typing with your mobile phone is really tiring. However, although it is inconvenient to submit manuscripts by mobile phone, it is still very convenient to query the progress of manuscript review. For example, students who submit manuscripts through the academic platform of China education database can query the status of manuscript review through mobile app.

  3. Do contributions to academic journals need to be typeset by themselves

  A: generally, it is not necessary, because there will be a special person to arrange the typesetting before the official publication, but it is also recommended that you should look at the submission format requirements of the journal to see if there are special regulations on the format. Please be sure to operate according to the specific requirements.

  4. Can you contribute more than one manuscript to an academic journal

  A: absolutely not. Please submit it to another magazine after being rejected.

  5. Can a publication be submitted repeatedly?

  A: once a day, or many times. There is no mandatory requirement for this. It depends on personal time. However, we do not recommend that you submit many songs a day, especially in the form of screen swiping. Don't think that if you submit more, editors will see more. This is wrong.