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19 July 2022
What are the topics of hotel papers?

  The topic selection direction of hotel papers is often the actual experience. The solutions to some common problems or many other topic selection directions need students to experience and discover by themselves. Practice is a very important thing for papers. Now let's talk about this topic with you.

  Unlike other majors, hotel management papers can clearly summarize some hot directions. The direction of hotel management papers has always been complex, including marketing, brand management, human resources and corporate culture. The topic selection is based on your own level. If you think you have strong ability, you can choose data analysis and in-depth analysis combined with theoretical models. Generally, if you want to graduate, just write about your internship Hotel.

  Therefore, hotel management generally has three directions:

  First, it is a relatively simple way of writing, and it is also the one that the public likes to write the most and has the most references.

  For example, in terms of human resources staff training, staff turnover and marketing strategies, if you write from these directions, don't write about the staff turnover of XXXX hotel in a big and general way. Such a topic is too old-fashioned, basically nothing new, and it's also a function to make a living and muddle through. If you decide to write like this, it is suggested that you should at least have a little difference, such as staff turnover, Then you can be more specific. Write about the loss of employees after 00, the loss of interns, the loss of highly educated employees, and the loss of middle-level employees. Write a little different according to this idea.

  The second is a more detailed way of writing. In fact, on the basis of the first one, choose a more micro and specific direction to write. This way of writing suggests writing hotel culture, brand, marketing, etc. for example, people write XXXX hotel brand image construction strategy, so you can extract the factors that affect the hotel and write specifically for a specific and expanded one, For example, the impact of hotel brand image on consumers' willingness to pay premium, or the impact of online comments on the construction of hotel brand image, the research on experiential marketing strategy of XX folk Hotel, and so on.