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08 July 2022
Why is the threshold of publishing papers in core journals getting higher and higher?

  Some scholars may have learned that it is more and more difficult to publish papers in core journals year by year. What leads to the increasingly strict review of core journals? In this issue, I will analyze the reason for you.

  Last year, 174 core journals were removed from the list, which was a wake-up call for other core journals. We can obviously feel that since the promulgation of the eighth edition of the core catalogue, the requirements of the journal have become higher and higher. The specific manifestations are:

  1. Strict requirements for units, bachelor degree or above

  2. High quality articles

  3. Higher concentration in the direction of publication

  4. It's best to hang up the topic / fund

  5. The format must be changed according to the template before submission

  Now let's analyze it in detail:

  About units. Almost all Chinese core periodicals no longer receive articles from higher vocational units. Very few articles from higher vocational units can be submitted for approval, but the difficulty of reviewing manuscripts has been very high; The articles of master lecturers in core journals of Nanjing University have almost no qualification to be submitted for approval. Even the articles read by doctors rarely have the opportunity to be published independently, and most of them need to be arranged with tutors as second authors!

  Article quality. The reason why the core is the core, in the final analysis, is that the quality of journals is among the best in the same field of domestic journals. Most of them require the articles to be original, solid in theory, forward-looking and persuasive. Poor quality, stereotyped articles are almost impossible to be hired.

  High concentration. Have you heard of "fu * * ye"? Either I have sent it myself or my friends around me. It is professional and inclusive, and the threshold is super low. This magazine was criticized by the industry 18 years ago, saying that it is absolutely impossible to be the core again. Sure enough, he was kicked out of the core with a small probability of 1/174. Taking history as a mirror, the core now only focuses on its own field and no longer receives articles with inconsistent directions.

  Hanging a topic can emphasize the quality of the article invisibly. The most direct reason is that these data will be counted when reviewing the core.

  Format. The format is equivalent to the examinee's examination paper. When the examination paper is neat, the teacher will take a high look at it. The same is true of contributions. Editors will be willing to submit for review only if the format is standardized. Otherwise, it will be tiring to change the format of every manuscript. There is also document naming, such as the revised draft, which must be named "revised draft + title", and the revised content should be marked in the article. In this way, the editor seems to save time and trouble, and has a good impression on the author. It is a small skill.