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16 June 2022
What should be paid attention to in the citation format of the paper?

  Citing this content in the paper is an indispensable part of the academic paper, it reflects the internal characteristics of the paper to a certain extent, shows the quality and level of the paper, but also to respect the achievements of others' labor and copyright protection. Here are some tips to consider when writing a paper citation.

  For many authors write a paper for the first time, at the time of writing papers, need to be aware of things often do not have too much concern, especially university graduates, writing papers, coupled with the first time writing a paper, so most of the energy on how to write a paper on the content above, often ignored when writing papers, some problems need to be aware of.

  First, others published in the content of the paper to do "quote" processing

  Both papers published books, journals, magazines, etc., are protected by intellectual property rights, copyright, this is to belong to someone else's private thoughts, do you want, if you want to use it in the paper need to use the reference mark symbol, then at the end of the "references" mark you quoted in the content of the source, author information, such as the simple copy and paste is belong to the plagiarism, Even if you make an anti-detection modification, it can be detected, and if it's serious, it can be considered academic misconduct.

  Two, quote is not omnipotent, to reasonable control proportion

  Reference content will not be considered plagiarism, but if the whole area is references, the paper will lose coordination, this need not rechecking testing throughout the paper, first of all, you can't, teacher that a close advisor to advocate everyone reference, that is you are asked to read other people's literature, the appropriate reference specification more you read, see others' papers, Too many words are opportunistic, and such papers will not pass the review.

  Three, to strict paper norms, format, word count and other content

  Generally a ordinary undergraduate degree paper, usually required in more than ten thousand words, the professional degree master thesis in more than 25000 words, science degree average of 30000 words above, different schools is different but basically the same, in addition to word count requirements, the paper will have the detailed specification and format of the school paper format specification, Including paper opening, paper introduction, table of contents, three (more) titles, references, reviews, acknowledgments and so on, even including font have clear provisions, must not according to their own ideas.