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About AiScholar

With strong academic resources and technological advantages, AIS are committed to providing customers with efficient solutions and channel platforms in the fields of academic communication, scientific research services and talent education.

Through Internet technology, we aim to popularize scientific knowledge and disseminate and transform innovative results, bringing together the resources of experts, scholars and research institutions worldwide. We help our clients make scientific decisions, improve efficiency, promote the transformation of scientific research results, and advance scientific and technological research and development through first-class high-tech tools and services.

With the aim of "making easy academic exchange ", AIS is committed to promoting global academic research exchange, breaking down academic walls, expanding academic boundaries to build a leading one-stop academic service platform with broadened horizons, professional efficiency and resource sharing for researchers at home and abroad.

Six business segments

Build a one-stop academic ecological service platform

Six systematic services

Facilitating academic exchanges and the transformation of achievements

Academic conference one-stop SaaS solution

Website construction, conference registration, itinerary reminder, guest management, paper submission, manuscript review, hotel booking, data statistics

AiScholar Academy

Academic conference live/on demand, SCI paper writing training, academic skills, academician classroom, overseas academic education, online education

Intelligent sign-in management system

On-site self-service registration
WeChat/bar code scanning/RFID/face scanning/identity card sign in
Name card printing management, conference venue management

AI peer review system

Intelligent matching review expert, auto distribution of papers and finish the review of papers online

Big data intelligent matching system of journal

Accurate and intelligent matching of journals, the recommended paper will be reviewed faster and the acceptance rate is 80 percent

AiScholar talents

Visiting scholars, high-level talent head-hunting, study abroad with high academic degree, achievement transformation
To build a world-class academic exchange ecosystem
Business cooperation

It provides flexible and diversified ways such as joint operation of academic conferences, conference promotion, cooperative development of journals, cooperation of reviewers and cooperation of courses to share the blue ocean of academic Internet industry.

Conference promotion

It has millions of users from universities, enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad who are engaged in scientific research, as well as people with high academic qualifications who have a need for academic knowledge. We can provide conference promotion services for conference organizers who have settled on the platform, including advertising space on the platform, recommendation of high-quality conferences, its academic media matrix and other promotion methods to help organizers acquire customers accurately and enhance the effectiveness of the conference.

Joint conference holding

Operate academic conferences jointly with the sponsors, organizers, experts and scholars, integrate resources, enhance the influence of the conferences and share benefits.

Reviewer collaboration

Experts and scholars are invited to join the online reviewer platform of AiScholar with payment to serve as paper reviewers and provide suggestions on paper modification for paper authors in the same research area

Course cooperation

Cooperating with academic journal publishers, academic media, experts and scholars in various fields to jointly organize and conduct free/paid online knowledge lectures and training camps. Resident institutions can enhance their brand influence in the industry; lecturers resident on the platform can share their academic research results with more people and enhance their academic influence.

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Academic Conference Center

Secretary general: Teacher Lin

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Customer service center

Business consulting: Teacher Ye

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Project cooperation

Teacher Wang

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Overseas cooperation

Ms. Zheng

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Copyright center - SCI journal submission

Contact e-mail:

Editor Lin
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Editor Li
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Editor Huang
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Copyright Center - Compilation cooperation

Editor Jiang

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Media and public relations cooperation

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Platform cooperation, lecturers settled

Teacher Liu
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Coporate information

Company address: 27th Floor, Nanfang Railway Building, No. 57 zhongshan 1st Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Working hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00-12:00 am, 13:00-18:00 PM

Closed during holidays, it is recommended to submit service requirements by E-mail or online during holidays or weekends. AiScholar staff will regularly check and reply. Welcome teachers and students to visit and consult related questions.

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