About AiScholar
AiScholar, founded as “a connector for academic research and exchange”, aims to promote academic communications via conferences and publication services. Linking global research institutes, universities, researchers, and R&D experts and beyond together, AiScholar provides an online one-stop software-as-a-service (SaaS) academic service platform and, through digital transformation, strives to develop it into a crucial link of resources and a comprehensive academic ecosystem for the global research community while observing high ethical standards and best practice for research and publication.
Since established in 2014, AiScholar has supported over 3,000 international academic conferences, with an accumulated number of participants of more than one million, covering subject areas of science, engineering and technology, life science and medicine, social sciences, and other disciplines. It has integrated over 33,000 global experts and scholars, served more than 2,000 universities and research institutions, and deeply collaborated with over 2,000 international STM journals and publishers. By covering all aspects of the conference planning and organization process, AiScholar simplifies the task for researchers and institutions.
Looking forward, AiScholar will continue to practice its innovative ideal and commitment to providing researchers and research communities with up-to-date professional solutions and services in academic research and exchanges with greater success.