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Aischolar Global
Join Us! AiScholar Global Think Tank

Community of Experts

AIS Global Think Tank, founded by AiScholar, is a community of respectable international experts committed to academic construction and research achievement exchange.

Academic Development Ecosystem

Over 100,000 experts have become part of us and created an unprecedented academic development ecosystem, which brings a profoundly significant influence.

5 Task Modules

It aims to promote academic exchange by offering our members academic tasks according to their research areas and interest. Manuscript review, conference guest, English editing, online lecture, and feed writing are the five main modules in AiScholar.

Realization of Academic Exchange

We have established in-depth collaboration with academic stakeholders and we believe everyone could realize his/her ideal in the AIS Global Think Tank community.
What you can get by joining AIS Global
Bonuses from tasks
Privileges in recommendation as guest editors or reviewers to partner journals with AIS
AIS Expert Certificate
100% Confidentiality of personal information
Invitation to the committee of academic conferences or as lecturers of AIS Academy
Discounts for registration in conferences and submission of manuscripts
Gallery of AIS Experts
100% Secure
Real-name authentication
All registered AIS experts are real and authoritative researchers or professionals
Secure transactions
Entrusted with the capital for any transaction on its platform, AIS Global protects the interests of both parties and relies on cutting-edge technologies to preclude transaction risks
Absolute confidentiality
AIS Global require all registered experts to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure 100% confidentiality of your materials
How to apply for and accept a task on AIS Global
AIS confirms acceptance of the task
Expert applies for the task
Expert completes the task
AIS confirms acceptance of the task
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