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27 June 2022
Can a paper be withdrawn after submission?

It is quite common to withdraw a manuscript after submitting a paper, but the premise is that the manuscript can only be withdrawn if it meets the requirements. If you apply for withdrawal of the manuscript without any reason, the editor will think that you are not serious and irresponsible, and it is very likely to leave a bad impression. . Can I withdraw a paper after submitting it? How to withdraw it? This issue will share relevant knowledge with you.

The act of withdrawing an article is called withdrawing a manuscript. It is possible to withdraw a manuscript, but there are certain preconditions. It can be withdrawn if it meets the requirements. If you choose it accidentally, it will bring some trouble to the author and even the magazine.

Under what circumstances can the manuscript be withdrawn? First of all, we must pay attention to the requirements of the magazine in this regard. If the magazine has indicated that the submitted article cannot be withdrawn, then we cannot choose to withdraw the manuscript under any circumstances. , If the journal allows the withdrawal of manuscripts, we need to judge whether we can choose to withdraw the manuscript according to the link and specific status of the article. From the link, the general article can apply for withdrawal when it is in the review link. At this stage, the article In the review and revision stage, if there are some problems that need to be understood by the general journal of retraction.

In some cases, the manuscript cannot be withdrawn after it has entered the proofreading stage, or even major changes cannot be made. For example, the publication of sci papers is the case. Therefore, the withdrawal application is best to be submitted at the height stage of the manuscript. The proofreading indicates that the journal has basically The final version is finalized. If the retraction needs to be replaced by an article, it will increase the workload of the journal. If the article can be withdrawn, the author will most likely need to submit an application to the magazine. The application is mostly sent to the magazine by email, with the detailed information of the article and, most importantly, the specific reasons for the withdrawal.

If the article has been published in the journal, it cannot be withdrawn, so the above content is a prerequisite for applying for the withdrawal of the manuscript. If the author really needs to withdraw the manuscript, he needs to consider the requirements of all parties. In addition, if it is a co-authored paper, it is necessary to obtain Consent of other authors is required.

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