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09 August 2022
Are thesis editing fees reimbursed?

Nowadays, the amount of money needed to publish a paper is really unbearable. Many author friends have begun to find other ways, and some author friends will pay attention to whether the cost of polishing the paper can be reimbursed. In fact, this is related to the system of institutions, universities, etc., let's talk about it with you in detail.

(1) Universities and scientific research institutions often need to attach proof materials such as contracts and quotation notices when reimbursing thesis editing fees, while foreign editing companies (only those that cannot provide domestic invoices, excluding foreign editing companies with branches in China, the following same) it is difficult to provide these materials.

(2) Many universities and scientific research institutions require that the paper editing fee must be paid by official card or unit transfer payment, while foreign editing companies generally only accept credit card payment.

(3) In the selection of invoice content, words such as polishing should be avoided. Domestic companies can provide editorial fees, editing and proofreading fees, translation fees, thesis revision fees and other optional contents. However, foreign editing companies can only issue invoices for the editing fees, resulting in no reimbursement. Some domestic companies also have businesses such as printing, copying, literature retrieval, testing and laboratory processing, and technical services.

Therefore, in order to successfully reimburse the cost of SCI paper editing, when choosing a paper editing company, three questions must be clarified:

(1) Whether they can provide supporting materials such as contracts and quotation notices;

(2) Whether they accept official card payment or unit transfer;

(3) Whether it is possible not to choose thesis embellishment in the selection of invoice content. Under the circumstance that the above three conditions are met, most universities and scientific research institutions can normally reimburse the cost of editing SCI papers.

Tips for improving the topic of the thesis

The title of the title should be distinctive, concise, and easy to understand.

The title of the thesis is a high-level summary and synthesis of the main purpose of the thesis. The writing logic and data analysis in the thesis should be developed and extended to find the topic of the thesis, and matching the title with the text is the primary work and foundation of writing a thesis.

It is suggested that the title of the thesis should not be too long (more than 20 Chinese characters), too macro (beyond the topic of the discussion, make a big topic small), too micro (cannot reflect the central idea of the paper, make a big fuss), lack innovation (repeated existing topics, the topic is not novel enough) ).

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