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09 August 2022
Is the SCI of the computer useful?

The publication of sci papers has attracted much attention. Many people are saying that if they can successfully publish sci papers, it will be very helpful for future employment, further studies, and ratings. Some author friends are also curious, are computer-type sci papers useful? What is the gold content of these papers? Next, I will let you know about it.

The gold content of SCI journals should be relatively high. Many schools list the publication of SCI papers as a graduation requirement. For example, a master's degree requires an SCI thesis. Two SCI papers are required for doctoral graduation. If there are SCI papers, senior titles can be evaluated.

Of course, not all SCI papers are good. For example, those papers published in early warning journals have little academic value. There is a high risk of publishing in such a journal. Because their self-citation rate or malicious citation rate is too high. The volume of manuscripts is very large, and the review is very unprofessional. The overall reputation and quality of the journal is relatively low. To put it bluntly, it is an irrigation journal. published in such journals. It is very likely that it will not be used when the paper is used. Because this kind of journal does not know when it will be kicked out of the SCI list.

The full name of SCI is Science Citation Index, which means: Science Citation Index in Chinese. It is a literature retrieval tool established by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) in 1961. Currently, SCI is operated by Thomson Reuters, a business and professional intelligence information provider formed by the merger of Thomson and Reuters Group PLC in 2008.

For the majority of scientific research workers, especially university teachers and students, who are studying for master's and doctoral degrees, publishing SCI is not only a mandatory graduation requirement or performance assessment indicator for many universities, but also a certification of their own academic strength. However, for the same SCI indexed journals, the academic level represented by different journals is still different. This is because the SCI index not only has four clear divisions, but also has evaluation indicators such as impact factors. More importantly, the difficulty of submitting manuscripts to different journals and the submission period are also different, which makes us often confused when choosing which journal to submit to.

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