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09 August 2022
Is it cheap to polish medical sci papers?

Since sci-thesis editing requires professionalism and certain experience, many authors will choose to find editing experts for help, either by looking for acquaintances or looking for relevant sci-thesis editing agencies. Some author friends are confused. How much does it cost to polish a SCI paper in medicine? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

The cost of editing SCI papers is affected by many factors, such as: different subjects, different word counts, different editing institutions, different regions, etc., the cost of editing SCI papers will be high and low. At present, there is no uniform charging standard.

How can a novice polish medical SCI papers?

First of all, before polishing the SCI paper, list the outline of the paper. The outline is the basic framework of the paper to ensure that the outline is rigorous and logical. Generally speaking, there are two ways to write an outline. The first is the title-style writing method, that is, the title is written in brief words, and the content of this part is summarized. This way of writing is concise and clear at a glance, but only the author himself understands it. The outline of the thesis should not generally be written in this way.

The second is sentence writing, that is, summarizing the part of the content in the form of a sentence that can express the complete meaning. This way of writing is specific and clear, and others can understand it, but it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The writing of the student's thesis outline should be handed over to the instructor for reading, so the second writing method is required. As for the method the author adopts, it can be determined according to the author's writing habits.

Secondly, pay attention to grasp the structure of the paper when polishing the SCI paper. For a well-structured paper to clearly show the content of the paper, the author needs to constantly consider the structure of the paper during the writing process.

A paper must be an argument and an argument, and there is a strict logic between the big argument and the small argument. If the structure of the paper is loose, condense it, cut out redundant material, cut out extravagant, too far off topic or irrelevant paragraphs. In order to make the structure rigorous and harmonious, the transition and correspondence of each part of the text, the cohesion of the structure, and the coherence of the tone should also be carefully considered and revised.

The thesis should have a complete structure. A dissertation should have three main parts: introduction, main thesis, and conclusion that are in harmony, that is, there should be a fascinating beginning, an analytical argument with material, a clear and correct point of view, and a profound and powerful ending. At the same time, it is necessary to examine whether the priority and detail of each part are appropriate.

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