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20 June 2022
Three minutes to teach you how to write the opening report?

What is the opening report? Why should I write an examination report? I believe that the thesis is a top priority for many students who are preparing to graduate. How should the opening report be written? Aiske LAN Xiaobian has collected some information, hoping to help you.

The basic content and sequence of the opening report: the purpose and significance of the paper; Research overview at home and abroad; The main problems to be studied and solved in this paper; The main content (outline) of the paper to be written; Paper schedule, etc.

The content of the opening report generally includes: title, theoretical basis (the purpose and significance of the topic selection of the graduation thesis, research status at home and abroad), research scheme (research objectives, research contents, research methods, research process, key problems to be solved and innovation points), condition analysis (instruments and equipment, cooperation units and division of labor, personnel allocation), subject leader, start and end time, report outline, etc.

The summary part of the opening report should first put forward the topic, and briefly explain the purpose of the topic, the research situation of related topics, the application of theory and research methods.

The report outline includes:

1. The purpose and significance of the subject, the general situation of research at home and abroad, and the main viewpoints and conclusions of relevant literature;

2. Research object, research content, relevant indicators and main research methods (including whether experimental research has been conducted);

3. General schedule;

4. Preparations and conditions (including personnel, instruments, equipment, etc.);

5. Main equipment and instruments to be added (purpose, name, specification, model, quantity, price, etc.);

6. Budget estimate;

7. Expected research results;

8. Undertaking unit, main cooperation unit, personnel division, etc.