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30 August 2022
Sci published the retraction page fee is not refundable?

I believe that some friends who often publish sci papers should know that when publishing sci papers, some journals require authors to pay the page fee. Some journals are more expensive and some are slightly cheaper. If a sci paper is withdrawn after publication, then this Will the page fee already paid be refunded? Let's take a look at my sharing.

No fee will be incurred if the submission is not approved.

If the submission is approved, it is time to pay the page fee.

If you pay the page fee, you can withdraw your manuscript. However, the page fee cannot be refunded, because the magazine has already paid the corresponding labor resources for your paper, and it is impossible to refund the page fee now. This is not fraud, because you unilaterally terminate the contract, so the cost should be paid by yourself.

If the other party cannot send your paper, then the page fee is paid and the other party returns your manuscript. In this case, your page fee should be returned.

It is best to call the magazine first.

Generally, the cost of a page of 2,000 characters for provincial-level publications is basically about 700 yuan, and most of them are within 1,000 yuan. Of course, some good provincial journals will cost between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan. The fees here do not include pictures and tables.

The cost of a page of 2,000-4,500 characters for an ordinary national-level publication is basically between 1,000-3,000 yuan.

It should be noted that in general journals, attention should also be paid to inclusion. VIP Longyuan Wanfang will be cheaper than CNKI. The more layouts, the more expensive the price. So this question is related to word count, grade, and inclusion. If the journal is less than 500, it is basically a fake journal, a pirated journal, a supplement, etc.

ps: The above prices are for reference

There is a time limit for the publication of a paper. When publishing a paper, the author must pay attention to the time to avoid the unit submitting materials and affecting the publication of the paper. You must know that different journals have different publication times. Generally, academic journals take about 5-6 months from submission to publication to mailing to the journal. For more published journals, the deadline for manuscripts will be about 2-4 months earlier than the publication time.

There are many journals in different fields. When choosing journals, authors must pay attention to the regularity of journals and avoid choosing illegal journals, which will affect the publication of papers. To identify regular journals, authors can inquire through the inquiry system of the State Press and Publication Administration. If they can find them, they are all regular journals, otherwise, they are illegal journals.

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