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07 June 2022
What is the difference between ei source journals and ei conferences?

We know that ei retrieval is divided into journal paper retrieval and conference paper retrieval, and the value between the two is different, which is also the basic concept of ei source journal. What is the difference between ei source journals and ei conferences? Which submission is better? Let me talk to you in detail below.


In China, the recognition of papers retrieved by time source journals is higher than that of ei conference retrievals. Conference papers are not worthless, but their value is not high. Compared with journal papers, they are not satisfactory, unless they are some of the top international academic conferences. Otherwise, the role of conference papers in personal promotion is still relatively limited. In the evaluation of professional titles and the annual awards of the school's Ministry of Science and Technology, only papers included in ei journals are recognized, and conference papers are not recognized. Therefore, if the author intends to publish ei papers, it is best to choose ei journals for publication. Conference papers can also be published if they are recognized, but they need to pay attention to the screening and selection of conferences. Try not to choose conferences with low level and little value. , even if the submission is published, the effect is not obvious.


It is relatively difficult to publish papers in ei journals. After all, ei is one of the three major international retrieval tools. High value means high publication difficulty, but it also means high recognition. EI papers are published in English, which is relatively weak. The author of the book must be trained as early as possible, and if you need professional guidance, you can consult the editor of the big man of the publishing house.


ei retrieval method

The most authoritative way to query a paper to be retrieved by ei is to directly enter the ei database, enter the English title of the article, and click "serach". If you can search for results (usually there is only one result, because the title of the paper is unique), it means that the paper has entered the ei database. If there is no search result, it proves that the paper has not entered the ei database.


The official website of the ei database is a tool used to check whether the paper is in the ei database, query the ei index number of the paper, and download the paper. It's just a collection of many academic papers, and there are few other sources of information. Of course, the official website of the ei database is also in English.


Special Note: Direct access to this ei database website requires a login, so papers cannot be searched. Only some colleges and universities that have purchased the ei database can log in to the official website of the ei database to query papers through the school intranet. If it is a university unit, first ask the school whether it has purchased the ei database, and if not, ask friends who work in other universities.


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