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01 June 2022
How to improve the language of scientific research papers?

Completing a scientific research paper is not easy. After completion, you need to do a good job of polishing. If there are grammatical errors or inappropriate words in the article, the polishing can be revised in time, and it can also improve the readability of the paper. How is the language polishing in scientific research papers generally done and how to change it? Let me talk to you in detail below.


Retouching refers to modifying the paper without changing the original meaning of the paper. For example, the grammar or wording of the paper is inappropriate. Retouching is a good way. Generally, when publishing international papers or papers of high academic level, they will choose to polish them.

The editing of the paper is not a large-scale revision of the paper, but more icing on the cake in the original meaning. Is essay editing allowed? Many authors often confuse retouching with falsification. Retouching and falsification are not the same.

First: native language polishing

Native language polishing mainly involves polishing the arguments, arguments, terminology, and selection and abbreviations of the literature. It can achieve clearer arguments, more sufficient arguments, more accurate terminology, and more detailed references. Avoid straightforward Chinese expressions and enhance the professionalism of the paper.

Second: translation polishing part

Because SCI papers have high requirements for English, reviewers will pay more attention to the grammar and words of English papers. As well as the logic, rigor, and scientificity of the full text. Therefore, the professional quality of translation is required to be high, not only good Chinese, but also strong English skills. Can you immediately judge whether the title conforms to the content of the article and whether the terminology used is accurate? Therefore, the general international SCI translation should not only pay attention to the quality of the paper, but also understand the professional field of the publisher, and have a heart that pays attention to details.

Third: the article details polishing part

The details of the article are mainly based on whether the structure of the paper is written correctly according to the standard technical article formatting conventions. Whether punctuation marks conform to US or UK standards. Whether the facts stated in the thesis are consistent with the text tables or pictures given. Whether the introduction has been added to the benefit explains the main content of the full text, whether the references are completely arranged, whether the number of words in the paper is too long, and the editor needs to delete the number of words in the content.

Obviously, paper polishing can make our paper more in line with the standards of SCI journals, and the submission pass rate will be higher. So don't underestimate the process of editing the paper.


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