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15 June 2022
How to better search and read foreign literature?

  In the face of massive literature information, we often feel that we have no way to start, let alone read foreign literature. But reading foreign literature is very necessary to grasp the latest scientific research trends and expand our knowledge. Here are some ways to search and read foreign literature.

  1、 How to carry out literature retrieval

  Elsevier, Springer, etc. are the first English literature searches. Although there are many documents in these databases. But sometimes we will encounter documents that cannot be found, and the database of these documents is not bought by our research institute or university. What should we do? I basically get the literature through the following three ways.

  1. first, search in Google academic search, which will generally find the literature you are looking for. In Google academic search, the words "how many in each group" usually appear. Then, after entering, click respectively, and one of them may fall into the full text. However, this is just a chance, not everything,

  2. if the above method cannot find the full text, search the author's name or title in Google (not Google academic search). If the document is written by multiple authors, and the first author can't find his personal home page, follow the above method to find the second author, and so on. The reason for searching with the title of the article is that on some foreign websites, for example, some foreign university libraries may post the PDF full text of the publication of academic achievements of the University in one year or recent years on the Internet, or there may be such full text on the FTP of the University In this way, you may get the full text you want for free

  II How to read literature

  In fact, in doing scientific research, we should do a good job of scientific research without looking at the literature. It can be said that there may not be any at all. Only by reading widely and studying deeply can we accumulate enough to write a resounding article. Reading literature must not be impetuous. Living is thinking about graduation. On the contrary, we should calm down and read a lot of documents. During the reading process, some documents can be understood, but most of the documents can not be understood. Those who understand carefully learn from others, and those who don't understand deeply explore. If they can't, they will put it down temporarily. After a period of time, with the improvement of knowledge and ability, they will gradually understand something.

  Even though I still can't understand it, I know that there is such a thing in my heart, which paves the way for further study in the future. In addition, don't read literature just for the sake of reading literature. Our purpose is to use it for our own scientific research. Therefore, we must combine the reading process with your own data. After reading a literature, we should make a good summary. If we use our own data, how should we explain it. There are also some articles in Niu publications. We should not only learn the knowledge in the articles, but also learn the style of writing articles by Niu people. A good article will certainly have a good style of writing, which we will learn in writing articles in the future.