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02 June 2022
What is the difference between SCI and EI?

ei and sci have high reference value, and are also an important symbol of promotion and academic research for many researchers, teachers, and professors in China. sci and ei each have their own advantages, so you should choose the one that suits you before submitting. What exactly is the difference between sci and ei? Let's take a look at my sharing.


The difference between SCI and EI journals

①The establishment of the two is different, ②the function of the two is different, ③the attributes of the two are different, and ④the time of publication of the two is different. details as follows: 

1. The establishment is different: SCI was founded by the American Institute of Scientific Information in Philadelphia, USA, and is a citation database founded and published by the American Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) in 1961; The oldest large-scale comprehensive search tool.

Second, the roles are different: the role of SCI is to carry out scientific statistics and scientific evaluation; the role of EI is to provide comprehensive information retrieval publications for consulting engineering and technical literature.

3. Attributes are different: SCI is biased towards natural sciences, biology, and medicine, while EI is biased towards mechanical engineering, electromechanical engineering, marine engineering, and manufacturing technology.

4. Publishing time is different: SCI publishes six issues every year, and now there are six volumes A, B, C, D, E, and F in each issue; EI publishes one issue per month.


EI and SCI are the two major international academic retrieval tools, and are commonly used academic measurement tools in the world. They have high reference value. They are also the main standards for the promotion of professional titles and academic measurement for many researchers and professors in China. EI and SCI The most significant difference is still quite obvious. First of all, the research and development institutions are different, and secondly, the professional direction is different. It is unscientific to directly compare the two. It may be good for some authors EI, while others are more suitable for SCI , so EI and SCI have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the one that suits you is fine.


In comparison, EI papers are less difficult to publish, and SCI is much more difficult. EI papers can be published in journals or academic conferences, while SCI is mainly published in academic journals. It should be noted that , Whether it is SCI or EI, the article needs to be written in English. As for choosing EI or SCI, it depends on the author's ability level and which one is suitable. If you think SCI is too difficult, it is also good to choose EI. English writing is for domestic authors. A big problem.


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