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01 June 2022
Does sci paper polish must be accepted?

The polishing of the paper is good for the article, especially after finally completing the sci paper, everyone must want their article to be included, but most of my friends often backfire. After careful polishing, will the sci paper be included? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.


Essay polish definitely helps with essay acceptance. Most publishing houses now recommend language editing services in For Authors, and some publishing houses have their own editing departments, such as Elesvier and Wiley. But they generally say that if your language is not good enough, you can ask our retouching department to revise it, but it will not increase the chance of acceptance after revision (this is all a cliché). As far as I know, their retouching business is outsourced to Indian companies. Most of the time, after reviewing the manuscript, they will tell you that your language is not good enough, please use our or a third-party polishing service. Of course, there are quite a few retouching agencies like us, and some also have cooperative relations with publishing houses (which do not directly carry out retouching business). For example, Bidde has cooperation with Hindawi and Oxford University Press, and they recommend our retouching services. As a publishing house, they will not recommend it casually. We must examine our editorial level and meet their requirements before recommending it.


The impact of paper polish on the integrity of the paper structure is also very important. When the overall structure of a paper is not in place, and there are problems with paragraph word order, it is very easy to be found when polishing, so that deeper revisions can be made.


Because SCI papers have high requirements for English, reviewers will pay more attention to the grammar and words of English papers. As well as the logic, rigor, and scientificity of the full text. Therefore, the professional quality of translation is required to be high, not only good Chinese, but also strong English skills. Can you immediately judge whether the title conforms to the content of the article and whether the terminology used is accurate? Therefore, the general international SCI translation should not only pay attention to the quality of the paper, but also understand the professional field of the publisher, and have a heart that pays attention to details.


Thesis polishing The details of the article are mainly to see whether the structure of the paper is written correctly according to the standard technical article formatting conventions. Whether punctuation marks conform to US or UK standards. Whether the facts stated in the thesis are consistent with the text tables or pictures given. Whether the introduction has been added to the benefit explains the main content of the full text, whether the references are completely arranged, whether the number of words in the paper is too long, and the editor needs to delete the number of words in the content.


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