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02 June 2022
How to write a graduation thesis?

The graduation thesis is an important academic thesis for college students to obtain graduation qualifications and apply for a bachelor's degree. It has stricter regulations and is a comprehensive test to test students' theoretical knowledge and basic skills during school. How to write a graduation thesis? Let's take a look at my sharing.

1. Typography

The teachers of each main examination college usually give you a template for the thesis. Just add your own content on the template given by the teacher.

2. Topic selection

The advantage of a small range of topics

a. The research object is more clear

b. The article is not off topic

c. There are certain advantages in the defense link

3. Content

Many students think that it is meaningful for me to write what no one has studied or written about. The first person to eat crab has an advantage, but it is also difficult. When other friends can't write, you can refer to the articles of the predecessors. Slightly modified on the basis of others, when further research. You can only write by yourself, if you can’t write, you can’t give up.

4. Summary

A brief summary of the main body of the review. The author should make a comprehensive evaluation of various viewpoints, put forward his own views, point out the existing problems and the direction and prospect of future development. It is not necessary to write a summary for a simple summary of the content.

5. References

An important part of the review. The number of general references reflects the breadth and depth of the author's reading of the literature. Different journals have different requirements for the number of references for review papers. Generally, less than 30 references are appropriate, and the latest literature in the last 3-5 years is the main one.


The so-called good start is half the success, and the topic selection is the beginning of a paper. Therefore, this article intends to talk a few words about how to determine the topic selection.


Regarding topic selection, the first piece of advice to art undergraduates is: don’t stare at topics that are too grand. For example, "modern transformation of Chinese painting", "art education in the period of the Republic of China", etc., these are not problems that undergraduates can study at all. Such problems not only require a high-level understanding, but also because they are too broad, almost no one If you can grasp the vast amount of information they involve in a short period of time, even if it is just a simple answer, the required text is at least the amount of a monograph.


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