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12 July 2022
How to complete 16 SCI papers in three years?

  For ordinary people, it may take a long time to write an SCI paper, but is it really possible to write 16 papers in three years? Let me share with you this issue.

  What is SCI paper? Is it important? For ordinary people, this matter may never be touched, but for those who need to obtain professional titles, even if they are very resistant due to policy reasons, they should find ways to write a few articles for promotion. The production process of SCI papers is not easy. First of all, we need to do experiments, sort out the experimental data, and then write articles and submit them. The workload is very heavy.

  During the study of master's degree, sun Guangyu, an outstanding student of the school of electrical engineering, published 8 SCI papers and 4 EI conference papers as the first author, and other authors published 8 SCI papers and 2 EI conference papers, causing a sensation in the academic community. The master's Defense Committee suggested that he apply for a doctorate.

  As a doctor eager for promotion, we should look at this problem from two aspects. First of all, we should affirm the results of sun Guangyu's hard work. In any case, his ability to produce papers shows that he manages his time well and has too much time to explore the rules and regulations of SCI papers. Even if they play routines, these masters and doctors can also play more high-end. On the other hand, we medical workers are busy between the clinic and the operating table all day. In contrast, his conditions are much better than those of medical staff.

  First of all, the medical staff are too busy to deal with such a complex paper. Second, the purpose is different. Most of sun Guangyu's papers are to show scientific research achievements, but now most medical papers are mostly for promotion and money. Once this pure academic product is linked to interests, the result must be abnormal.

  In the field of medical papers, mass production water injection has become a common thing. Even on the Internet, there are various ways to quickly publish papers. If you have money to spend, if you have no money, you will be opportunistic. For example, "evolutionary game" has become a serious disaster area for paper irrigation. SCI papers with these four words are similar to a group of clones. A group of people play a permutation and combination with various keyword knowledge points in the paper. Although a paper comes from human hands, it is piled up at will like AI writing, just to meet the needs of publishing.

  What is the difference between sun Guangyu and the writer of the thesis? The most important factor is the starting point. Sun Guangyu is in an environment with a strong academic atmosphere, supported by his own interests and hobbies, not secular, and his papers are naturally academic. And those who hide in the shadow of the thesis writers, themselves are working for interests, only a variety of hard and fast rules in their eyes, and what they write naturally has no research value.

  Perhaps the health commission is aware of this, and academic papers are gradually withdrawing from the main position of promotion, but the Centaur is dead but not stiff. As long as the paper is still in the promotion materials, there will still be people racing against time. After all, the competition for medical works with lower scores than him is also quite fierce. In order to find the position of editor in chief, many people look for relationships everywhere, only for cooperative publishing, and increase the single digit score on the total score. We hope that people with ability like sun Guangyu can write more papers and innovate. Let the thesis less touch the relationship between fame and wealth, and don't let the thesis become a stereotyped scholar.

  The above is the content shared in this issue. For more relevant academic information, please click to follow us. I wish you a happy life.