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17 June 2022
What is the level of ei Chinese journals?

Generally speaking, ei will include both English and Chinese. After all, ei is one of the international retrieval tools. Any article is selected for inclusion. If an ei paper is of poor quality, it will usually give suggestions for revision first. No, the manuscript may be rejected outright. What is the level of ei Chinese journals? Let me talk to you in detail below.

EI journal papers belong to the second-level category A academic papers, and academic papers are divided into six levels. Therefore, EI journal papers belong to high-level academic papers, second only to the first-level T-type academic papers, and SCI, ISTP, SSCI As well as A&HCI belong to the second-level category A academic papers.

Chinese core journals are the best journals among Chinese journals. Papers published in Chinese core journals are incomparable to general Chinese journal papers. However, within the scope of Chinese core journals, there are also high and low levels of influence among different core journals. Publishing papers in Chinese core journals with higher influence will result in higher academic value.

In general, articles published in EI journals can be indexed by EI, but exceptions are not excluded.

1. Exception: The quality of the abstract and key words of the article is relatively poor. The retrieval and inclusion of the article in any database is based on the priority retrieval and inclusion. For some databases for abstract retrieval, if the writing of this part is not particularly good, it will inevitably affect the article. In order to ensure that the article is indexed, the author must ensure the quality of the article's writing, especially the abstract writing cannot be ignored.

2. EI retrieval article time:

This time is about the same as the time for retrieving articles on the domestic CNKI. Generally, it will be retrieved in 2-3 months. Therefore, the author should not be impatient at first. You can first understand the approximate retrieval time from the magazine, and do not wait for no purpose. It should be noted that the publications we choose must be indexed by EI. If the publications are not indexed by EI, the article will not be indexed.

3. Query:

To check whether the paper is retrieved, we can log in to the Engineering Village official website. Generally, domestic colleges and universities will have the entrance of the library.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.