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06 June 2022
Tips for revising nursing papers

I believe that many friends usually find a reference paper before writing when writing a paper, but this will unknowingly use other people's arguments. After completing the first draft, in order to avoid large-scale repetition, it is usually necessary to carry out a paper. If you want to revise a nursing paper, do you have any skills? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.


Skill 1: Keyword Replacement Method

Core word chunks include: literature search, educational research. The meaning of the sentence is to express the function of literature retrieval. Therefore, it can be changed to "Document retrieval is a skill that researchers must master in educational research." I think this change is a bit outrageous, and can be changed to "Document retrieval is an important part of educational research" or "In conducting educational research." literature search plays a crucial role”. Be sure to understand the meaning of the original text, otherwise you will be seriously out of shape when you change it, and the results of the CNKI paper will be very high.


Tip 2: Rewrite the weight loss method

Now the examination of this paper is getting stricter and stricter. In order to effectively reduce the repetition rate of the paper, there is really some way to go. If their papers are put together, the weight of the paper will naturally fail to pass. This is the best way to lose weight. Yes: Thesis rewriting. The idea is to take what you're repeating, put it another way, and then add some explanatory words, plus and minus a little bit, and put those parts together and basically reduce the repetition rate.


Tip 3: Translate weight loss methods

If you want to use the translation hammer method to reduce the repetition rate, this paper has English proficiency requirements, because the cross-language paper review system has not been developed so far, so you can learn from some international foreign literature and find some that are consistent with the content of his research paper The view, upon transitioning to its own content.


Tip 4: Refactoring

The so-called reconstruction method still introduces the concept of core word blocks. The specific operation is divided into three steps. The first step is to read the meaning of the original text. The second part, dismantling, retains the core word chunks of the original text; the third step, combined with the meaning of the original text, looks at the remaining word chunks, and re-forms them into sentences.

For example: usually after the subject is determined, the next step is literature search, that is, according to the purpose and requirements of the subject, to find the literature required by the research. Everyone should know the original meaning. Go directly to the second step and take out the core word. Mainly include: subject, literature search, subject purpose, literature data. Use this as a vocabulary for reconstruction. Changed to: When we conduct research on a topic, we need to search for relevant literature around the purpose of the topic.


Tip 5: Opportunism

Rewriting or translating takes time and effort. The thesis needs to write more than 10,000 words, and the sentence translation takes time and energy. It is possible to change the data map and operation link of the science and engineering disciplines of the thesis, but this method is limited to the science and engineering disciplines of the thesis.


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