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17 June 2022
Are ei Chinese journals rich in gold?

If you want to publish a paper successfully on ei, you need to put more effort into writing. Generally speaking, the writing difficulty of ei is not as great as that of sci. There are also ei Chinese journals in China, and many excellent papers have been published on them. Some friends wonder: Is the gold content of ei Chinese journals big? Next, I will let you know about it.

Gold content: SCI main journal > SCI special issue > EI journal > EI conference ≥ Chinese core journal > > Chinese general issue

Compared with Chinese journals, English journals need to be combined with specific journal categories. General English journals will come to different conclusions compared with core Chinese journals, and core English journals will be compared with ordinary Chinese journals. Therefore, we cannot directly say that English journals must be compared with each other. Chinese has a high gold content. If it is a domestic NTU core journal compared with foreign ordinary journals, it is still a NTU core journal with high value.

Therefore, the value of a publication is not directly related to whether it is an English journal. It is the same as the core publications. Compared with the international core publications and the domestic core publications, the international core publications must have higher gold content.

Publishing English general journals is also very meaningful. English writing skills need to be accumulated slowly, which can lay the foundation for publishing higher-level English journals in the future.

The ei conference paper is a paper that is read and published at the ei conference. The academic value of the paper is affected by the level of the ei conference. Papers published in high-level ei conferences have higher academic value than papers published in low-level ei conferences.

Comparing ei conferences and Chinese core journals: high-level ei conferences are not necessarily worse than Chinese core journals, while low-level ei conferences are not as good as Chinese core journals. However, how much is the difference between the two? Check the recognition standards of various units, such as the recognition of professional titles and the policy of adding points.

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