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14 June 2022
What should be paid attention to in the revision of the thesis?

The revision of the paper can add a lot of color to your own article, and at the same time, it can also improve the reviewer's recognition of the paper. But wanting to revise the paper is not a simple matter, it requires the author to improve the attention in order to revise the paper well. So what details do we need to pay attention to in the process of revising the paper? Let me talk to you in detail below.

1. Modification of ideas and viewpoints

The main purpose of writing articles is to express one's own thoughts and publicize one's own ideas. If one's own understanding is not profound or even wrong, it will be impossible to teach others, and even have a bad influence on them.

First, revise the title of the paper. The title of a dissertation is the "eye" of the dissertation. If the topic is short, concise, and clear, it will be vivid and vivid, making people interested at first glance. Therefore, it is very important to consider, scrutinize and modify the title of the first draft.

Second, for the subjective, one-sided, and vague places in the thesis, we should carry out rewriting work such as strengthening and supplementing, so that biased corrections are pertinent, one-sided corrections are comprehensive, vague corrections are clear, superficial corrections are profound, and loose corrections are concentrated. It is appropriate to change the outdated ones, the old ones to be new, and the ones that are too low-minded to be sublimated.

2. Modify the material

It mainly refers to the addition, deletion or adjustment of the material cited in the paper; the material is the "flesh and blood" in the article, it is the evidence to prove the point of view, and it is the basis for the establishment of the argument. Therefore, the basic requirements for the selection of materials are: First, it is necessary, that is, the materials that illustrate the point of view are selected; the second is truth, that is, the materials used must be realistic, accurate and reliable; the third is appropriate, that is, the materials should be cited appropriately, not more or less, Just right.

Modifying materials is generally carried out in two steps:

The first step is to check and correct, only check whether the material itself is true, credible, and accurate. If you find doubts and inconsistencies, you must clarify and understand. If you quote a classic author, it is best to check the original text if you have the conditions. All errors, inaccuracies and discrepancies should be deleted or rewritten accurately to ensure that the thesis is built on a solid and reliable basis.

The second step is to add, delete and adjust the materials according to the requirements of the central argument and each sub-argument.

3. Modify language and punctuation

Language is a tool for expressing ideas. In order to make a paper written accurately, concisely, and vividly, it is necessary to repeatedly scrutinize and revise the use of language. The language revision of the paper and the analysis of academic journals mainly focus on three aspects:

One is to express clearly and concisely, and to explain as many problems as possible with the least text, which is an essential condition for a high-quality paper.

The second is the accuracy of written expression. For the accuracy of the language, it is necessary to change the plausible words into accurate words;

The third is the readability of the language. For the sake of the readability of the language, we should change the plain to clear, the eloquent to smooth, the rigid to vivid, the obscure to bright, and the vague and general to be changed. To be clear and specific.

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