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17 June 2022
How to quickly revise journal papers?

The revision of the paper is worthy of attention. At this stage, the format, title, viewpoint, punctuation, references, etc. of the paper can be revised. In the process of revision, the author can listen to other people's opinions and let his The dissertation takes it to the next level. How to revise a journal paper? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

1. If you are a science and engineering student, there will be a lot of tables and data in the paper. You can convert data into tables, tables into graphics, or data into tables and so on.

2. Correct and reasonable citations. If it is someone else's words, it must be noted. Use quotation marks or periods directly. It can also be re-expressed in its own language.

3. Don't delete the articles marked in red, in case the number of words in the article is not enough, you can completely rewrite them. Don't be bound by the original text. Try rewriting in your own language.

4. If it is a quote, don't use a period after the quote. Others' two-sentence endnotes can only be placed on the superscript before the second full stop. The first sentence is directly judged as plagiarism because there is no endnote at the end. When citing, be sure to use the correct citation format.

5. Put references into the body section and insert references correctly. It is recommended to delete the very first and last word, and then fill in the header and footer manually (because the wrong format may be hidden in the first character).

6. The most direct and effective method, but also the most labor-intensive method, is to take originality by yourself. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is no longer worried about the problem of excessive repetition rate, but it requires the creator to have enough time, energy and writing level. If you have enough confidence in yourself, you can use this method to modify and reduce weight.

7. Translate overseas literature, and translate famous foreign literature in the research field into your own paper. After all, everyone's literary level is different, and the translated text is also very different. Usually, it is impossible to detect a high repetition rate, but this technique only Suitable for students who are good at foreign languages.

8. Wording transformation, the words and sentences in the literature are rearranged and combined with their own meanings. The original meaning remains unchanged but the sentence combination changes. This is because when 13 repeated characters do not appear in a row, they will not be detected as duplicates. Therefore, compared with other modification techniques, this method is the most widely used and the most time-saving. A labor-saving one.

9. Expand and shorten the syntax, expand and abbreviate some of the referenced article paragraphs or sentences. If the subject, predicate, etc. are omitted from the original sentence, the omitted content will be filled in completely, and conversely, those elements will be removed. Lose. The duplication check of the paper is a process of identification and comparison. If the identification and comparison of the sentences and paragraphs of the articles in the database cannot be compared, there will be no repetition rate.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.