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15 July 2022
Is CSCD the same as CSSCI?

  What are CSCD and CSSCI? When many authors want to publish papers and submit papers, they are always confused about the scope and relationship of some journals. The editor of this issue has sorted out some materials to answer this question.

  CSCD generally refers to the Chinese Science Citation Database. Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD). Founded in 1989, it collects more than 1000 Chinese and English scientific and technological core journals and excellent journals published in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geoscience, biology, agriculture and forestry science, medicine and health, engineering technology and environmental science. It has accumulated 4818977 paper records and 60854096 citation records from 1989 to now.

  CSSCI generally refers to the Chinese Social Science Citation Index. The full English name of the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index is "Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index", abbreviated as CSSCI. The database developed by the China Social Sciences Research and evaluation center of Nanjing University is used to retrieve the collection of papers and citations in the field of Chinese Social Sciences. It is a landmark project in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences evaluation in China. At present, it contains more than 500 academic journals in 25 categories, including law, management, economics, history, political science, etc.

  In fact, the two systems are completely different, but many authors like to compare them. In fact, different types of core journals are not very comparable. Some journals are not suitable for this author, but may be very suitable for another author, so it is difficult to directly say which is good or bad. In terms of the publishing difficulty of core journals, the core journals of Nanjing University will be better.