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14 June 2022
How much does sci paper polish cost?

Appropriate paper polishing can help improve the quality of the article. For the author, it is not a time to be happy to complete a sci paper, but the time to be truly happy is when a thoroughly completed sci paper has been polished, submitted and indexed. . What is the general fee for sci paper editing? Let's take a look at my sharing.

Under normal circumstances, the editing of the paper is calculated by the number of words. The more words, the higher the cost, which is proportional. In order to meet the market charging standards in terms of value, it is recommended that you find a professional paper editing agency to polish the manuscript to avoid the phenomenon of arbitrary charges.

How to find a good paper editing company?

1. A trustworthy and reliable retouching agency should pay great attention to the safe handling of all customer information. A good polisher signs nondisclosure agreements with all employees, including editors, to ensure that their employees and editors do not disclose any client information or details of client articles. Before choosing a polishing agency, check the website for the secure payment and security information the company offers.

2. Among the many Yingrun color service agencies on the market, look for companies that have served tens of thousands of customers, have rich experience in polishing, and have been praised by users. Also, how long the company has been in business matters. Take care to see if the company is just starting up or has been in service for at least 5 years. It is conceivable that the latter is relatively more trustworthy.

3. Reliable institutions have strict quality management measures and perfect after-sales service guarantees. First, all manuscripts are classified according to the main field and divided into different subject groups; then the person in charge of the subject group will initially review the manuscripts, divide them into sub-fields, and assign Senior editors with relevant academic and work backgrounds begin to revise the manuscript in depth; after the manuscript is revised, return it to the person in charge of the subject group for review.

4. The level of the team determines the quality of the paper polishing. However, the demand for native-language editors is high, and the inherent advantages of native-language editors in language expression over non-native-language editors are relatively high. So when asking about the price, be sure to figure out the composition of the team and the specific polish. If you say good polishing content, you will only change words, punctuation, and grammar, and you will lose a lot. Or because the budget is not high, it is fooled by the polishing agency, the language does not meet the publishing requirements of SCI, and saving money does not achieve the effect.

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