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07 July 2022
How should the content of the thesis opening report be written?

  Graduation thesis, we often want to write a summary of the theme, the theme of our purpose, research direction, this is the opening report, so we should specifically how to write this content? This edition tells you.

  Opening report generally includes: the content of the subject, theoretical basis, purpose and significance of thesis topic, the research status at home and abroad), the research plan, research objectives, research contents, research methods, research process, is proposed to solve the key problems and the innovation points), condition analysis and cooperative unit (devices and division of labor and personnel configuration), etc.

  1, the title is a high degree of summary of the central idea of the graduation thesis, requirements:

  (1) Accurate and standardized. To accurately summarize the research problems, reflect the depth and breadth of the research, reflect the nature of the research, reflect the basic requirements of experimental research -- treatment factors, subjects and experimental effects. Words and sentences should be scientific and standardized.

  (2) simplicity. To use as few words as possible, generally no more than 20 Chinese characters.

  2. The opening report should consider:

  ① The purpose and significance of the topic, that is, answer why to study, explain the value of the research and the need for background.

  ② The research status at home and abroad, namely literature review, should be based on the premise of literature review, literature review should be related to the research problem, but not too limited. We should pay attention to analysis and research, be good at finding problems, and highlight the position, advantages and breakthrough points of the topic in the current research; It is an obvious mistake not to cite opinions that contradict your mentor's and your own.

  In addition, the main references cited in the literature review should be recorded, which can reflect the real basis of the author's argument on the one hand, and respect the creative work of the original author on the other hand.

  3. The proposal proposal report should consider:

  ① The process of research. The whole research should be arranged in stages in terms of time and sequence, and the start and end time, corresponding research content and results of each stage should be clearly defined. There should be no interruption between stages to ensure the continuity of the research process.

  ② Key problems to be solved. Accurate and scientific estimation and judgment should be made on the most important and fundamental key difficulties and problems that may be encountered, and feasible solutions and measures should be taken.

  Condition analysis highlights the advantages of material conditions such as instruments and equipment. Clear collaboration units and division of labor, the division of labor should be reasonable, clear their work and responsibilities, but also pay attention to the close cooperation of all personnel. The establishment of tutor group is advocated, and the selection of tutor group members should fully consider the actual needs of the research subject and be based on complementary knowledge structure.

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