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17 June 2022
Where are the professional SCI thesis revision institutions?

SCI papers are academically rigorous, so each writing step of the author is required to be logical and scientific. It is not easy to write a SCI paper, and it is not easy to revise after the first draft is completed. Some friends will choose a professional SCI paper revision agency to help, but I don't know how to find it, so let's take a look at my sharing.

Choosing a professional revision agency mainly depends on the following aspects

First: How to identify the professional level of a revision institution to identify whether a revision institution is professional enough? Mainly go to their introduction to find the academic background. A paper is not easy to write, but it is not easy to revise and revise a paper, which requires revision. The author himself has a higher academic level and cultural literacy than the author of the paper. Therefore, to see whether a revision organization is reliable, it mainly depends on whether the staff member who revises for you has a high academic quality, whether he has helped many people to correct papers, and whether he has a lot of experience.

Second: The service process is generally a reliable paper revision agency, which must be handed over to foreign editors whose native language is English for revision. First of all, after the paper revision agency receives the paper, it will match the editor with the same direction as the paper as soon as possible to revise the paper. If there are obvious problems in the paper during the process, the editor will also point it out. After returning the manuscript, if the author does not understand something, a reliable revision agency will also answer it, and if it needs to be revised again, it will continue to serve. Instead of a one-time service, it doesn't matter.

Third: Customer evaluation Customer evaluation is actually very important. You have to learn to find the agency from each customer's feedback, which can impress you, or make you dissatisfied, and finally make an overall selection. If the client successfully passes the publication of the paper after modification, the reliability of this institution is still there.

Fourth: Don’t believe the price of the pie in the sky. There are many machine modifications, which are free for the first time or for new users, but as a person who has modified countless papers, the modification of the machine is far from manual. Degree. It is still recommended to go to a specialized agency to modify it. At present, the price on the market ranges from 0.6/word to 1.2/word. It should be considered as a whole according to the service process of the institution, the degree of modification and the cost-effectiveness.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.