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31 May 2022
How long will it take for papers to be retrieved after they are issued with EI?

  It can be said that many authors want to publish EI papers, but as internationally recognized papers, it is not so easy to publish EI papers. After being collected and published, it also takes a period of time to be retrieved. Let's learn about it with aischoolar.

  The papers submitted and published in EI journals are highly recognized at home and abroad, so many authors choose to publish in EI journals. Most EI papers can be retrieved about two months after they are published online.

  At present, papers can only be retrieved in addition to being published in the journal before they can participate in the professional title evaluation. Therefore, it is suggested that when considering the publication time of EI papers, you should also add the time from being published to being retrieved by the relevant database, so as not to affect the participation of papers in the professional title evaluation.

  How long does it take for a paper to be published? This has no fixed period. It should also be considered according to the level of EI journals contributed by authors and the quality of papers. However, if you want your papers to be published quickly, so that they can be retrieved by relevant databases as soon as possible, you'd better do the following:

  1. Select the right EI journals: there are many EI journals. You'd better choose journals that are comparable to your own papers. Note: don't aim too high and choose journals with high level, otherwise it will be difficult for papers to be published because the quality of papers is not up to standard, or they will even be rejected directly, delaying more time.

  2. Check the duplicate of the papers before submission to ensure that the duplicate check rate of the papers meets the requirements of the submission journals for the duplicate check rate of the papers, so that there is no need to return the revision or manuscript because the duplicate check rate is too high.

  3. To contribute to EI English periodicals, it is necessary to translate Chinese Manuscripts into English Manuscripts. At this time, the quality of translated papers is crucial. We should know that the reviewer reviews the translated content, so the level of the translator is very important. It is recommended that you should find a Chinese American researcher with relevant professional background and overseas study experience to translate, so as to ensure the quality of the translation.

  4. Thesis retouching: some journals require authors to retouch their papers before submitting them. However, it has been proved that the retouched papers have fewer problems, faster publication cycle and higher publication rate.

  5. Professional academic review: before submission, you can find a person with many years of experience in the industry to review the manuscript in advance, which can further reduce the problems in the thesis.

  In addition, the EI paper format can be modified and adjusted to make the paper more in line with the requirements of contributing journals. If we do well in the above aspects, the possibility of being returned and rejected will be relatively low. If the number of returns is less, the review process will be more smooth, which greatly shortens the time for papers to be published.

  The above are the specific answers to some of the questions that friends have paid close attention to recently. You can consult with the online editors on our website ascolan for relevant academic questions you want to know. You can also note that the content we update later will have the knowledge you want to know.