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08 July 2022
What is the requirement of periodical papers for content repetition rate?

  The repetition rate of a journal paper basically represents whether the paper is qualified or not. What are the requirements for the repetition rate of general journal papers? Now let's share with you.

  Generally, the submitted journal papers have the requirements of repetition rate. Generally speaking, the repetition rate of core journals is lower than that of general journals, and the papers whose repetition rate does not meet the standard cannot pass the examination, because the academic quality of core journals is higher, and the quality requirements of each paper are higher, but the specific repetition rate requirements of each core journal are different, roughly within a range, some higher, some lower, No matter how high the quality of the article is, it is useless if the preliminary examination of the paper fails.

  How much does the repetition rate of core journals meet the standard? The duplication rate of core journals is relatively strict, generally not higher than 15%. The duplication rate detection of core journals requires professional detection. Papers with high repetition rate or unqualified papers may be rejected or rejected. The role of this paper duplication detection system is mainly to ensure the quality of academic papers, avoid academic misconduct such as academic plagiarism, and warn the authors who are about to arrange papers to be published to eliminate plagiarism, Therefore, each journal will also control the duplication rate of papers.

  Compared with other journals, core journals have stricter standards for the repetition rate. The duplication rate of most core journals is not higher than 10%, and some are not higher than 5%, while most general journals are not higher than 25% or 30%. It can be seen that core journals have relatively high standards for the original level and academic content of the repetition rate of papers.

  Core journals have strict requirements on the repetition rate of papers. Some reviewers will check the repetition rate by themselves before submission. Of course, it is OK. Generally, as long as the paper is written by the author carefully, the repetition rate will not exceed 5%. If the repetition rate exceeds 10%, it means that there are too many quotations from others and too few thoughts and summaries.