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24 June 2022
What are the necessary steps to successfully publish an SCI paper?

  For many scholars, it is always very difficult to publish a paper, and many people may not be able to publish smoothly even if they have submitted, so is the general journal paper, let alone the PUBLICATION of SCI papers. So what can we do to get our paper published successfully? Next xiaobian will talk to you.

  1. Identify innovations

  Exploring topics from clinical practice, such as selecting topics from some special phenomena in clinical research, such research is more innovative. In addition, clinical specimens of various departments can also be fully utilized to select topics from specimens. For example, a large number of specimens are selected for comparison, so as to see the essence through the phenomenon and find a good entry point. The study of common disease specimens can also make innovative papers and be sent to high-level journals.

  2. Project design

  The previous point has established the innovation of the topic, innovation is meaningful. The next topic design should be based on rigor and feasibility. The type of experimental design should be selected accurately, the statistical method should be used reasonably, the selection of research objects and observation indicators should meet the requirements of the research purpose, and the technical route should be clear. The feasibility of the design of the subject should also be considered comprehensively, such as the basis of related work in the early stage, the research conditions of the applicant unit, and the budget of funds.

  The subject design is not a simple arrangement of experiments, but an overall planning of all aspects involved in the subject.

  3. Experiment execution

  The experimental execution stage should be carried out in strict accordance with the technical route, which can be divided into several stages. In each stage, the subject should be summarized, problems should be found and solved in time. At the same time, I frequently refer to the literature related to the subject, understand the cutting-edge research trends, and timely adjust the subject when necessary. Scientific research cannot be completed by one person, and requires joint efforts of multiple participants, especially in primary hospitals. Assigning appropriate work to each participant can effectively improve cooperation efficiency.

  4. Writing SCI papers

  The language problem in SCI paper writing has caused many doctors a headache, which is actually not as difficult as imagined. As long as you have cet-4 and often read the English literature of this major, you can express yourself in English. Or you can write Chinese first and then translate it into English. After the translation is completed, medical experts who are native English speakers can be consulted to correct the grammatical errors and parts that do not conform to the English expression habits. Of course, it takes some time and energy. If you want to save time and publish the paper as soon as possible, you can find professional SCI paper service companies.

  5, submit

  You can recommend or exclude reviewers as you choose. Many SCI journals tend to leave these decisions to authors, who know better than editors who are best qualified to evaluate your work. If the article is not rejected, the editor-in-chief of the journal will propose varying degrees of revision. A full and comprehensive response to revision suggestions is the premise for the article to be accepted. Do not respond selectively, which can be interpreted as you do not pay attention to their opinions. At the same time, you must indicate where in the text the changes have been made. If the modification or supplementary suggestions of reviewers cannot be satisfied, sufficient and reasonable reasons should be provided to explain.