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06 June 2022
Is the quotation for editing the graduation thesis expensive?

There are also certain skills in polishing and revising the graduation thesis. Some friends may feel that it is too troublesome to polish and revise the graduation thesis, and they do not know how to revise. Choice, but will the quotation of such institutions be very expensive? How to modify and polish it? Let me talk to you in detail below.

The fee for editing a paper is more than 3,000 yuan, depending on the length of the article. The longer the length, the higher the price, and the shorter the length, the lower the price. However, the cost of editing the thesis is affected by many factors, such as: different subjects, different word counts, different editing institutions, different regions, etc., the cost of editing the thesis will be high and low. At present, there is no uniform charging standard.


What should I do if the repetition rate is too high?

01. Change wording

The wording transformation here is to modify and adjust the words and sentences of the article, including synonym replacement, sentence structure adjustment, changing the active and passive voice, adding short sentences to longer sentences, disrupting the order of paragraphs, etc. Synonym conversion is the most basic method and the most commonly used weight loss method.

02. Image or table weight reduction method

You must know that pictures and tables are not involved in the duplication check, so you can convert the parts marked in red into pictures or tables and insert them into the paper to avoid disaster.

03. Google Translate

Use the Google translation tool to translate the content that needs to be modified into English (or other languages) first, then back to Chinese, and finally tidy up a little by yourself, and the sentence will look brand new!

04. Retelling

Under the premise of maintaining the original meaning, describe the repeated places in the article in your own words. The key to retelling is to control the original meaning and handle the text flexibly.


After the sentences are translated several times with translation software, they are translated back. However, this method should pay attention to the coherence of the context. There are incoherent sentences and paragraphs, which can be properly polished. The weight checking software AI reduces weight. You can use professional weight-reducing websites and software, but it is easy to change the article to be more verbose, and the meaning of the sentence will be affected, so try to use it with caution. For artificial weight reduction, ask classmates to give suggestions for revisions or people who specialize in this area to lower the weight, which is equivalent to rewriting the repeated places. The repetition rate naturally comes down.


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