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31 May 2022
What is the duplicate check rate of undergraduate thesis standard?

  The undergraduate duplication check standard is not particularly understood by many students. Some students do not know what the duplication check rate should be when they start writing papers, which will lead to too high duplication check rate and need to repair papers. Next,AiScholar Xiaobian will take you to know what is the duplication rate standard for undergraduate papers.

  When it comes to the detection standard for duplicate checking of papers, generally speaking, there is a certain repetition space in a paper. As long as it does not exceed that percentage point, there is no problem, because the nouns or special words in a paper are not included in the repetition rate. However, in the paper detection, if the repetition of such words is too frequent, it will also be red.

  What is the latest standard for the duplication rate of undergraduate papers? There are clear provisions on the duplicate checking content of the thesis. It can be found that the duplication check of undergraduate papers includes statements, catalogues, abstracts, text and other parts, which can be checked according to the actual situation of the University. When students write papers, each part should be original, which can also reduce the duplication rate. Because the redness of any part will affect the duplication rate of the whole paper.

  There are clear requirements for the repetition rate of papers. The repetition rate of undergraduate theses is clearly stipulated. Papers less than 30% can enter the defense link. If there is a chance to modify papers between 30%-50%, students should seize this opportunity to modify the content that is popular. If the repetition rate is higher than 50%, the defense will be postponed. It is still necessary to understand these basic standards clearly, which will also help to better write papers and effectively improve the efficiency of writing papers.

  In fact, there are a lot of duplicate checking websites, but it doesn't mean that every duplicate checking website is trustworthy. Many unsafe HowNet duplicate checking websites often lead to the leakage of users' papers. So even if you don't choose HowNet, you should choose some safer duplicate checking websites.

  A truly high-quality paper duplication checking website can not only check the duplication of papers for us, but also provide some additional services, such as helping to modify or publish papers. Therefore, if we want to select a formal duplicate checking platform, we should determine the value-added services that the other party can provide, and which large platforms have a high level of business and provide rich service content, which is certainly worth our choice.

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