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10 June 2022
How to determine whether SCI thesis polishing service is required

  How to determine whether the SCI papers you write need polishing service? Many authors think that their papers are good enough to submit to magazines without polishing, and most of them will be rejected in the end. In this issue, AS will take you to know how to determine whether your thesis needs polishing service.

  1、 Before answering this question, let's see if the following situations are consistent with your current situation:

  1. I would rather spend my time on research, such as doing experiments or analyzing data, than writing articles.

  2. I find it difficult for my writing level to convey the value of my research.

  3. When others read my manuscript or project application, it is difficult for them to agree with the importance of scientific research stated in my statement.

  4. It is difficult for me to apply for funding for my research.

  5. English is not my mother tongue. I find English writing very difficult.

  If so, you may consider having your paper polished.

  At the same time, the competition in academic circles is becoming more and more fierce. Generally speaking, the success rate of project application is below 30%, and the employment standard of good journals is also improving. Researchers increasingly need to improve their work efficiency within a limited time. The simplest way is to focus on what they are better at. If you are really not good at writing, why don't you consider handing over the polishing work to a more professional person? In this way, you can save the time to do more research and produce more results.

  2、 Methods of selecting English polishing companies

  The first is to choose a legal company, which can be roughly measured by whether the company has a domestic fixed address, fixed telephone and fax, and whether there is a contract with the company's red seal, because these are what regular companies must have and should provide to customers. If some companies only provide mobile phone numbers, or only QQ numbers without fixed lines, do not even provide contract samples after negotiating conditions, or provide contracts that are not standardized and do not have seals, you should be careful. Because once there is a problem, there is no means to investigate.

  At the same time, you can try to send a short paragraph of text and ask the interested company to make a sample first. Professional companies are generally willing to provide an editing sample. After all, this is a potential long-term customer. Users can evaluate the service quality based on this editing sample, and can also understand the level of the editing team and their service attitude.