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14 July 2022
Can a graduation thesis made up of several papers be audited?

  Graduation thesis is a thesis that students must write after graduation from University, and the content format is also very strict. It is inevitable that some students want to fish in troubled waters and want to piece together a deal with it with other papers. Is this OK? The following editor tells you.

  Of course not. In recent years, as the state has become more and more strict in the management of student misconduct websites, the paper duplication checking algorithm for papers has become more and more strict, and the piecemeal paper duplication checking is basically impossible.

  The reason why the paper cannot be pieced together:

  1、 The originality is low. Maybe we don't know what the so-called duplicate checking is, that is, teachers will use separate software to query the network repetition rate, in other words, to see if the paper is written by ourselves.

  2、 The duplicate check rate is high. Most of the contents of the pieced up papers are plagiarized directly on the Internet. When such papers are submitted to the HowNet for detection, the HowNet database has already included the contents, so the repetition rate of the final search will be very high, so the repetition rate will not reach the corresponding value.

  3、 Publish the source of the original text. Many times, teachers will use professional software to query the repetition rate. The reason why really high-quality software is high-end is that it can not only present the final repetition rate, but also search all the links of every article we plagiarize.

  Generally, in order to pass the duplication check of the school's papers, students need to check the duplication of the papers privately, and can submit them to the school for review after passing the proportion. You can use the free duplicate checking system to check. The paper library it compares is basically the same as that of HowNet, so the duplicate checking results are not different. You can also check duplicates in some paid duplicate checking systems, which will be more accurate. Before the formal submission for examination, you can use this to find out the paragraphs in the paper that will be judged as plagiarism, so as to make targeted modifications.