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13 June 2022
Can write good pedagogy thesis from which a few respects?

  For writing a certain direction of the paper, mainly in order to be able to evaluate some of the author's professional level and ability, and the paper assessment is more than these, but also need the author's independent thinking ability and innovation ability. Then the next time xiaobian to share with you the direction of pedagogy paper writing.

  (1) Select topics from daily education and teaching practice

  In fact, in daily education and teaching practice, as long as we are good at summing up, willing to observe, pay more attention to students' learning and life, accumulate good materials, writing a paper is a very simple thing. Problems encountered in the teaching, I do not understand the aspects. In the process of educating students, there are all kinds of complications. This is the time when we need to combine theory with practice, sum up experience and analyze problems. A small Angle, a certain aspect of the problem, as the entry point of the topic.

  (2) Extensive reading of literature and materials, sorting and classification

  Look for solutions to problems. At this time, we need to consult a lot of literature and study the previous research results on this issue. Is this question worth our time and effort? Can we put forward new ideas, new ideas, or new research methods in the exploration of this problem. At the same time, we need to sort out relevant literature and do literature review. Analyze and compare the previous research results.

  (3) Do a questionnaire survey and collect data cases

  Once we had determined that the question was worthy of inquiry, we began to investigate it. The research methods we commonly use are questionnaire survey, interview, case analysis and so on. Among them, the most suitable method for teaching research is questionnaire survey. Through the objective and actual situation of the questionnaire survey, according to the results of the survey data, a detailed and careful analysis. The data of questionnaire survey were analyzed and studied in different forms such as bar chart and fan chart.

  (4) Construct the framework structure of the paper and clarify the logical relationship

  After collecting data and literature materials, we began to construct the basic framework of our paper. According to the situation of the problem, design a good way of thinking. General papers include research background, objectives, content, ideas, results, significance, conclusions and suggestions. The research thinking is clear, the framework structure is rigorous, the combination of text and text, well-founded, the point of view is clear, the argument is sufficient, the paper is basically qualified.

  To successfully publish a paper is not a very simple matter, writing a paper also needs to know the corresponding format and some tips. Esq Blue will continue to share more academic dry goods with you, please check out our daily updates, which may have what you want to know.