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16 June 2022
What are the key points of selecting effective keywords for SCI papers?

  Each paper generally has 3 to 8 keywords, most of these keywords are selected from the title, summary and text of the paper, the central content of the expression of the paper has substantial significance, not only can attract editors and readers, but also can affect the retrieval rate of the article, thus affecting the spread of the article. The following xiaobian to share some KEY points of the SELECTION of SCI papers.

  1. The importance of indexes

  Search engine indexing is important for two reasons. Effective paper keywords accurately express what you are publishing. When someone searches for an article about the latest research on the nutrition of apples, they don't want to see an article about the relationship between tectonic activity and volcanoes. But if a bunch of keywords about nutrition and apples end up in an article about tectonics and volcanoes, a search engine might think the article is about apples.

  The index also caught the attention of search engines. The best practical methods for search engine optimization (SEO) include mentioning keywords every 100-200 words in the title, subtitle, beginning to end of the article. Effective keywords start with the title of the article.

  2. Title creation

  The title can also be a way to introduce the main points of the article while catching the reader's attention. Focus on the introductory paragraph and extract the title from it. Headlines shouldn't be bland, but they shouldn't be misleading or outrageous either.

  Going back to the apple example, think, "An apple a day, "An Apple aDay Keeps Colon Cancer Away" and "Research Indicates Apples May Prevent Colon Cancer. ColonCancer.") the difference between the two titles.

  Both titles include the words "apple" and "colon cancer," but the first one sounds more colloquial and more accessible. Once you have your headline, filter keywords throughout the article using the best practices mentioned earlier. Check how your article looks after you add more keywords, or change your wording to fit the keyword choice.

  3. Word clusters or word clouds

  Some online resources can create word clusters or word clouds. Word clusters count the number of times words appear in the article and provide you with a visual snapshot of the most important words in the article. It can tell you how to select keywords, even before you select the title. All of this is done by copying and pasting text into a text box.