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10 June 2022
Share several SCI Journal Papers

  SCI journals are divided into many types, and their corresponding paper requirements are also different. In this issue, ASCO blue has collected and sorted out some sci-1 journal papers, which are shared with you here.

  SCI journal paper publication is a yardstick to measure the scientific research level of a person, an organization or even a country. The higher the division of published papers, the higher the value level. In the division of SCI journals, the first-class journals are the journals with the highest impact factors. No matter which division standard is adopted, the first-class journals are the best among SCI journals, and their academic value, professional influence, authority and foresight can not be compared with other journals, Which SCI journals are there?

  When it comes to first-class SCI journals, we should first mention the well-known nature and science. These two journals have always been among the first-class SCI journals. In addition to nature and science, first-class SCI journals also include cell metabolism, cancer cell, science advances, cell reports, nature microbiology, Nature Biotechnology, autophagy, Journal of Hepatology, Hepatology, circulation and other journals, These journals are all top journals in this major, and it is conceivable that they are difficult to publish.

  There are also many excellent publications in China that have been indexed. These publications are also the first ones that domestic authors will pay attention to and choose when publishing SCI papers, including cell research, mol cell, cell discovery, functional diversity, molecular plant, protein & cell, cellular & Molecular Immunology, bone research, etc.

  The requirements for scientific research ability and knowledge level required to publish sci-i journals are very high. The authors who can publish sci-i journals are rare in China. It is not easy for them to publish two area journals. It is common for them to publish three area and four area journals. For the publication of SCI papers, ordinary authors do not need to pursue class-I journals. The most common requirements in China are two area and above. If there is no requirement, There is no problem with the three area and four area journals. The above is a simple list of SCI journals.