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07 July 2022
An article teaches you how to defense not nervous

  Defense how can not nervous fluent expression of their own meaning? First of all, we should be familiar with our papers. Only when we are familiar with them, can we be sure of the teacher's questions.

  The opening should first do a simple self-introduction, including their grade class, name, etc., and then talk about their thesis topic and instructor. Dear teachers, how are you? I am XX of XX class XX of XX College, my thesis title is "XXXXXX". This paper was completed under the careful guidance of my tutor XX, who put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions for this paper. Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to him. Below, I will briefly state the main content, research methods, difficulties encountered in the research process and research results of this paper to all teachers. I sincerely hope that teachers can criticize and guide me.

  The respondent summarizes the thesis content. The respondent has 5-10 minutes to tell the title of the paper and the reasons for choosing the topic, and to introduce the main arguments and arguments of the paper in detail, and to talk about his experience in writing the paper. This part of the content of the language expression should be accurate, clear, smooth and unerrable, reflecting the paper's thinking process and the respondent's ability to analyze and conclude. Be organized, structured, speed controlled, and must complete the presentation within the specified time and not leave too much "blank space" (express time too short).

  3. Common questions in thesis defense and their answer strategies.

  (1) What research methods are relevant to your major used in your thesis?

  -- State clearly the research method used, and then describe the specific content. Do not be "empty and dry", nor lengthy.

  (2) What are the core concepts of the paper?

  -- Summarize the core of the paper in your own language. Be accurate and concise, but also be comprehensive.

  (3) Why did you choose this topic?

  -- Make a statement based on personal reasons and thesis writing, with clear language and logical logic.

  (4) What is the main theoretical basis of the paper?

  -- Point out the theoretical basis in accurate professional terms, and state it in combination with specific content.

  (5) Are the conclusions feasible and operational?

  -- Based on the specific situation of the discussion, plain language, do not be absolutist.

  (6) What is the significance and purpose of studying this topic?

  -- Explain the meaning and purpose of this topic in combination with the reality.

  (7) What are the innovations in the paper?

  Highlight the "innovation point" of the paper, and explain the innovation of the paper by comparing with the existing results and conclusions.

  4. Matters needing attention in thesis defense language expression:

  (1) Calm and confident, loud voice, to ensure that the defense teacher can hear clearly.

  (2) The tone is positive and the expression is smooth and clear.

  (3) Be modest and prudent and seek truth from facts.