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22 June 2022
Summary of experience and skills in writing and publishing papers in core journals

  In this issue, we are going to talk about the issue of publishing papers in core journals. Everyone wants to publish papers in core journals. What should we do?

  Correctly grasp the writing requirements and standardization of wood, and pay attention to choose appropriate professional journal submissions, and follow the format requirements for publication, coupled with the tutor can strictly check the quality of paper, can avoid the repeated retreat after submission and delayed publication time, but also reduces the likelihood of manuscripts in the preliminary stage is rejected, so as to raise the employment rate of the paper.

  1. Articles of more than 8 pages are not good, because Chinese magazines have page limits and do not want a single article to be too long

  2. In addition, the topic is not eye-catching and lacks of attraction to reviewers

  3. In the description of experimental phenomena, there is a lack of strong contrast between different experimental phenomena under different conditions

  4. In the phenomenon explanation, the figure is too small and there are too many references, so the author cannot see his own unique view

  5. Before writing, we should browse a large number of classic literatures and pay attention to academic accumulation. In this process, we should also pay attention to the use of the Internet, especially some professional databases

  6." You have to be creative"

  7. After writing, proofread, adjust and carefully consider, but also pay attention to the timely supplement of new information, it is best to put a few days to see, or ask students to see, so as to find problems.

  8. Make your views stand out and your graphics look beautiful.