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09 June 2022
SCI English paper format requires sharing

SCI journals have certain format requirements for the paper format, which is also for the convenience of reviewers to browse. Therefore, authors should pay attention to the format requirements when writing SCI English papers. But friends who are writing papers for the first time do not know what the specific format is, so this issue of Xiaobian will share relevant knowledge with you.

The format requirements of sci papers are mainly divided into the following aspects:

1. Font, font size and line spacing: Font, font size and line spacing are the most basic formats, and the requirements for font, font size and line spacing are different for different parts of sci papers. such as title and body. Most sci papers use Times New Roman font size 10, double or single spaced.

2. Title: The title of the SCI paper is divided into the title of the main body, the title of the first, second and third level. Headings at different levels differ in font and size, as well as line spacing (including pre- and post-paragraph spacing). It is recommended to review the format requirements of the journal in detail for typesetting.

3. Paragraph format: The format of the paragraph includes the first line indent, font, font size and line spacing (including the space before and after the paragraph). Some journals have different first-line indents for the first paragraphs of each section than others, so be careful.

4. Columns: Most journals use single-column layout when submitting manuscripts, but IEEE journals use double-column layout.

5. Chart format: The format of the chart is one of the difficulties in typesetting. Special attention should be paid to the title format of the chart.

6. References: The most difficult and time-consuming part of typesetting is the reference, which includes two parts: the citation format of the reference in the text and the reference format at the end of the text. You need to read the journal's reference format requirements carefully and format them accordingly. Among them, the reference format at the end of the text requires special attention to the number of authors to be listed. Some journals require all authors to be listed, some journals only need to list the first six authors, and some journals only require the first three authors to be listed. Also pay special attention to the format requirements for the journal title, year, and volume. There are also many journals that require DOIs to be listed. If the information is incomplete, you can supplement relevant information through Baidu Scholar or Google Scholar.

7. Others: formulas, acknowledgements, etc. The typesetting of the formula needs to pay attention to the font of the formula, which generally needs to be entered with the formula editor. Acknowledgements generally have the same formatting requirements as paragraphs

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