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17 June 2022
Introduction to ei query and retrieval related knowledge

I believe that every scientific researcher wants their EI papers to be successfully published. EI generally includes a lot of engineering and technical literature. Before submitting a manuscript, authors should know whether their majors meet the EI requirements. Novice authors may not be very clear about ei query. In this issue, the editor will share with you the relevant knowledge of ei query.

The EI Engineering Index contains many journal papers and conference papers. It is the wish of every author for papers to be queried and retrieved by EI. This requires the author to query on EngineeringVillage. University libraries also have corresponding query portals. Simply understand that when the database displays compendex, Description is included.

First of all, the author must ensure that the article is published in international ei journals and ei conference papers. After 2-12 months after publication, the article will be included in the ei database, often in English. The author can enter the database to find his own article; if you need to provide Corresponding proof, you can go to the library to issue a formal certification report. This is an index page that is included in ei. The proof will be stamped with the official seal, which is more recognized.

Secondly, some author's articles may be included in the ei search, but the unit database cannot be retrieved. This situation indicates that the author's unit purchased the database permission is not enough. The ei database includes: Inspec, Compendex, Knovel, etc. The commonly used sub-library is Compendex. If the unit does not have database permissions, the record will not be available for query. The author can try to query multiple units. If the query cannot be found in all aspects, it is necessary to consider whether the ei journal is regular.

There are two types of EI database collection, namely EI conference retrieval CA (Conference artielc), EI journal retrieval JA (Journal artiele). The author needs to search the corresponding sub-database according to his own situation, so that the query is more convenient and effective.

The last step is to confirm whether your article is included in EI retrieval. Generally, the author EI retrieval query, the most commonly used retrieval method in the database is "quick retrieval". After entering the EI database interface, directly enter the article title in the text box and click Search. . If there is a search result, it proves that the article has been retrieved by EI. If there is no result, it proves that the article has not been included in the EI database.

EI can be said to be the world's top index library. The papers that can be included in EI have a high gold content, and the effect on authors is also obvious. Authors can plan in advance. Whether it is journal papers or conference papers, it is good for them to be included. Yes, the author still has to take it seriously.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.