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09 June 2022
What are the steps to revise a sci paper?

Many domestic universities, institutions, etc. will require the publication of SCI papers. From this, we can see the status of SCI papers in people's minds. When the first draft of SCI is completed, it is not possible to submit the manuscript, and it needs to be revised to improve the content of the SCI paper. So what are the steps to revise a sci paper? Next, I will let you know about it.

Steps to modify sci paper

1. First of all, there are basic grammatical errors and spelling errors. These errors are relatively low-level and common, but in the process of thesis revision, the checking of these errors is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and they are easily overlooked. Xiaoyi came up with a simple and practical The solution is to use special software to check, which can check spelling errors, grammar errors and punctuation errors very well. This saves time.

2. Errors in writing structure, which are more common nowadays, because academic papers have their own unique article structure and must be written in a specific format. If the format of the article does not meet the requirements, the manuscript will be directly rejected, which must be noted In the place where you are, you should read more about the journals you are submitting your manuscripts to, and look at the article structures that everyone is using. These structures can be directly applied.

3. Use the word-by-word deliberation method, because we non-native English speakers are relatively simple in English writing. If we use simple short sentences to express, there will be logical problems. Therefore, we must learn the attitude of the ancient Chinese towards poetry and read it repeatedly. , a little bit to modify the accuracy of their sentences, until the change is smooth, this is a very patient work.

Of course, the revision of sci papers should also pay attention to reducing the repetition rate. Our teachers will also revise them word by word for everyone, which can also reduce the repetition rate of the paper and integrate their own views into the article. This is also to ensure the originality of the paper. There will be no delay in publication due to the high repetition rate. When revising sci papers, you should also pay attention to the writing format. Each journal also has its own specific format, especially for academic papers. Unqualified formats are likely to be returned directly.

When many people revise sci papers, they don't know where to revise, so they have to revise the whole article, which is time-consuming and laborious. Arbitrary deletion can not find a key point of modification, it only shows that you do not fully understand the article you wrote. Maybe you really should spend more time thinking about your central idea deeply, and figure out what conclusion you want to express, so that you can clearly know what can't be deleted when revising. .

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