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19 July 2022
What should we do when encountering SCI publications with long retrieval time?

  Sometimes, after submitting SCI papers, some authors are anxious to pass the editor's review. The next thing is to wait for publication, and after publication, they need to wait for a period of time to publish. At this time, some acute authors will be very anxious, so what should be done about the retrieval time after publication?

  For papers to be retrieved, whether SCI journals or domestic journals, it takes a certain time. For this time, the author can't control it. Retrieval is a link in the publication of papers, and it is a necessary link. The author can't decide the length of retrieval time. The length of retrieval time depends on the work arrangement and efficiency of the magazine and the quality of the article.

  The retrieval time varies from journal to journal, and it can be retrieved and included in less than a month. Some may not be retrieved and included in half a year, and some journals have been retrieved and included in the next issue but not in the previous issue. Therefore, all kinds of situations exist. It takes at least 1-3 months for articles to be retrieved. For this, the author can only wait patiently. We say that SCI retrieval of papers also gives priority to the retrieval of excellent academic papers. For some papers that do not meet the retrieval standards, SCI will not be retrieved, so the author also needs to work hard on writing. Articles with high quality will be retrieved and included. The author should pay special attention to the writing of titles, keywords and abstracts. If these parts are high-quality writing, they are conducive to the retrieval of articles. In addition to waiting, the author can publish his paper as early as possible. The main reason why the author is anxious is that the article has not been retrieved when it is time to submit the paper, which shows that the overall time of publishing the paper is in a hurry. The author can avoid this situation by advancing the whole process time. Moreover, the validity period of academic papers is relatively loose, and there is basically no need to worry about expiration, Therefore, early preparation is the principle of SCI paper publication. Before publishing the journal, the author can know the approximate retrieval time of the journal from the magazine, so as to make a reasonable arrangement for the publication of his thesis。