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10 June 2022
Is it reliable to polish SCI papers?

  It seems that the polishing of SCI papers has become an important and necessary step like duplicate checking. Is it reliable to find an institution to polish SCI papers? Let's talk about this issue with you in detail.

  The polishing of papers is generally a step chosen by researchers from non English speaking countries before submitting papers to international journals. The purpose of thesis retouching is to avoid academic ambiguity and save the time spent by reviewers in reviewing the thesis.

  The thesis polished by native English can help the original author to express the original meaning of the article to the greatest extent and reflect the fluency of the article. As SCI is an authoritative international core publication, it is not easy to publish and employ. Therefore, polishing is of great benefit to improve the probability of publication.

  However, for many authors, especially for some scientific research Xiaobai, the lack of understanding of SCI retouching often leads to the following misunderstandings, which makes them wonder: is the retouching of papers reliable?

  First of all, it should be affirmed that thesis polishing is the business that many formal institutions are doing, so it is certain that most formal institutions are reliable. However, in order to prevent the scientific research work from being wasted, it is necessary to select a compliant and legal institution to polish the thesis with the attitude of being responsible for their own papers.

  First of all, the basic concept of thesis retouching should be clear: generally, the papers that need retouching are SCI papers. SCI papers are more international papers. Most of the time, retouching is also for bilingual transformation so that peers can better read and communicate. Therefore, the traditional change of grammar and vocabulary is not applicable to the publication of SCI papers; Deep retouching can not only modify grammar and words, but also improve academic aspects such as writing structure and expression logic for manuscript matching experts in the same research field, which will also make the expression modification more in line with the specification of SCI papers and avoid logical confusion and unclear expression.

  It should be noted that not all papers need to go to a formal institution. There should be some senior brothers and sisters with paper publishing experience in the laboratory of scientific research, as well as experienced tutors. Asking them to help polish and revise is also an academic exchange in essence. If you choose a regular company or legal institution to polish your thesis, you should pay attention to the improvement of service information: including whether the contact information of various website editors is comprehensive. The perfect information shows that the maturity of the company can also reflect its seriousness and professionalism, and the contact information of multiple channels can also avoid the dilemma of being unable to contact relevant personnel in case of emergency. In addition, the website should also have relevant systems that can be used to upload manuscripts, logical service items, completion cases of University papers and timely evaluation of users.