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07 July 2022
How does the PPT that defense uses do?

  How should the PPT of defense do to meet the requirements? Today xiaobian for you to answer the key points about defense PPT production, I hope to bring you inspiration.

  1. PPT format requirements:

  1, in terms of content: each page of PPT should not exceed 10 lines of words or a picture. It is best to list only the important places and do not put a large paragraph of text.

  2. In terms of color matching: the text on PPT should be clear and concise, and the font color should form a sharp contrast with the background, avoiding multiple colors and overly flowery and complicated color matching.

  3, in terms of charts: you can appropriately intersperse some charts to illustrate the point in the PPT to not only attract the attention of the audience, but also vividly express your point of view.

  Ii. Content:

  1. General content: project title, respondent, project execution time, project instructor, project attribution, thanks, etc.

  2. Research content: research purpose, scheme design (flow chart), operation process, research results, innovation, application value, new views on the continuation of the project, etc.

  3.PPT should be illustrated and highlighted, so that the defense teacher can understand what is completed independently. The number of pages should not be too many, about 30 pages is enough to avoid too many words, and the teacher is not interested in words and formulas.

  4. All pictures and formulas posted on THE PPT should be able to justify themselves. If you are not sure, do not paste them.

  5. Mark the page number at the bottom of each page, so that it will be easier to review when the judges ask questions.

  Three, about the template:

  1. Do not use too gorgeous corporate business templates. Academic PPT should be low-key and concise.

  2. White background (black, red and blue), blue background (white or yellow) and black background (white and yellow) are recommended. These three color matching methods can ensure the quality of slides.

  3. People with hands-on skills can make their own templates that echo the theme of the class. In fact, it is very simple, just insert your favorite image in the "slide master" mode.