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21 June 2022
Is the page fee for sci paper expensive?

Although the writing of SCI papers is difficult, there are many friends who will aim to submit papers smoothly. The sci papers have high requirements, and the authors should be mentally prepared. After completing the first draft, they will need to polish and revise the paper, and there are no errors before they can be submitted. What is the price of submitting a sci paper now? Next, I will let you know about it.

Journals are divided into two categories, one is open source journals, that is, journals that charge publication fees. Generally speaking, the cost ranges from 1000-1500 US dollars, that is, 7000-10000 RMB. Some journals charge more than 15,000 yuan. The other is non-open source. journals without any publication fee. (Prices are for reference only)

SCI essay writing tips

1. The title of the sci paper should be innovative and concise. Without the innovation factor, the meaning of publication will be lost. However, the use of innovation should be based on the existing scientific research results. Too much "innovation" may be counterproductive.

2. The abstract of the SCI paper needs to be clear and organized. As the saying goes, the first impression is very important. If the reviewer sees that the abstract is not clear, the first impression will be greatly reduced.

3. The experimental data in the sci paper must be real. When encountering deviations in experimental data, we must not make subjective assumptions, and should completely follow the actual experimental results. Repeating the experiment or increasing the number of samples is the way to get the best data. Even if there is a deviation between the expected experimental results and the actual experimental results, the sci paper should be written according to the actual experimental results. Sometimes differences can also make this article a point of contention to be the highlight of the article.

4. The references and introductions of SCI papers should be standardized. Reference specification can make readers understand the basis of the article, and also show their accurate positioning of scientific research and respect for knowledge. The introduction of sci should be concise and clear about the important position of the development process of scientific research content in this research direction.

There are four kinds of references that are often cited in sci papers: one is about specific experimental methods, the other is supporting or conflicting evidence, the third is similar literature that is more useful, and the fourth is historical background and meaningful literature.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.